How to Win the Chinese Organic Market

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  • Why this market has huge potential
  • Why a dedicated go-to market strategy is required in the Chinese market
  • The key differences between Chinese & Western consumers
  • How to avoid the one big mistake that brands make when operating in China
  • How OrgHive can help with e-commerce strategy and social media content creation to allow your brand to thrive in China


  • Tuesday, September 15th at 8pm EST / 5 pm PST
  • Wednesday, September 16th at 8 am HKT

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China’s organic market is currently expanding at a rate never seen before. It was also recently ranked as the 4th largest organic market in the world by value….making it the perfect time for organic brands to enter the marketplace! Over the last few years, China’s organic market has developed rapidly as Western lifestyles and eating habits have increasingly become the norm for the middle-class society, especially among younger generations who have traveled overseas to study or work.

In recent months, COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for organic products, as consumers seek to improve their health and well-being. For instance, it is expected by 2024, the organic beauty market in China will be worth USD 5.5 billion, demonstrating the tremendous size of this marketplace.

OrgHive has teamed up with Max Goldberg, Founder of Organic Insider, to discuss the fastest growing organic market in the world – China.


Max Goldberg

Organic Insider

Called “an organic sensation” by The New York Times and named as “one of the nation’s leading organic food experts” by Shape magazine, Max Goldberg is the Founder/Editor of Organic Insider, a newsletter read by many of the most influential CEOs in the industry today. He also runs the Organic Food Industry group on LinkedIn, which counts more than 25,000 members from around the world. Max received his BA from Brown University and his MBA from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

Manuela Buerki

Director of Marketing & Strategy

Manuela leads the Marketing and Strategy for IMS & OrgHive. Her experience includes advising clients on branding and market positioning in both Europe and Asia, and she has specific expertise in helping organic brands in China leverage the network effect.

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