OrgHive’s Main Features

A platform built to elevate the growth of organic and natural brands in China

Customer Acquisition

Brand Microsite

By creating a brand microsite that offers compelling and engaging content featured on OrgHive, we connect and educate leads and consumers. Brands can build trust, relationships, and awareness amongst consumers to increase conversions and reduce the purchasing decision time.

Display Advertising

Get right in front of your audience! The platform has built-in display banners that enables you to communicate your messages to the platform’s millions of organic and natural lovers in China. Need help with translation? We will help you ensure that your message is communicated in Chinese in the way you want it.

Brand Authentic Scanning App

Our in-house blockchain-powered scanning application enables consumers to instantly verify product authenticity and the legitimacy of all organic-certified products in China. Each organic product listed on the platform has a unique 17-digit code that provides complete traceability from origin to retail. Designed and developed to combat counterfeiting and nurture consumer trust, this scanning mechanism is a go-to tool for discovery. Purchase decision-making is informed by real-time database verification, enabling brands to build credibility immediately.

Engagement & Analytics

User-generated content

Consumers in China are heavily reliant on the reviews and product recommendations by others. Our platform curates user-generated reviews, which elevates the legitimacy and trust in your brand. OrgHive’s user base will become your loyal ambassadors that will propel your growth efforts in China.

Access our KOC base

We have a base of key opinion customers (KOCs), who we can select and suggest for your specific marketing campaigns. Our recommendations are based on an assessment of their follower base, the quality of their audience interactions, other brands they have collaborated with, and their professional image and reputation.

Real-time data analytics

Don’t have access to important customer data? Our back-end analytics engine allows you to visualize key metrics that will help you make better decisions for your next campaign. With OrgHive, you will be able to understand your customer’s journey through the website leading up to your e-commerce store. Data will be your ally when generating leads in this competitive online space.

Supporting Technology

AI Matching

With OrgHive’s smart AI algorithm, we match organic brands’ content with users most likely to be interested in their products, effectively accelerating and shortening the path to purchase.

Backend CMS

With our back-end content management system (CMS), you will be able to switch and update images, copy, and product selections instantly. Want to send messages to your fans? Our CMS will allow you to send personalized push-notifications to your microsite followers so that you can nurture your customers along their purchase journey.

Launch in China 

  • Set up your online point of sale
  • Arrange your shipping logistics
  • Launch your key social media accounts and execute brand campaigns
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Grow in China 

  • Drive conversions with data-driven marketing campaigns
  • Leverage consumer insights to refine your brand strategy
  • Partner with KOLs and KOCs to create engaging localized content 
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