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The China market is complex and can be a challenging market to enter. In its highly competitive landscape, many foreign brands fail to capture their audiences with relevant messages. To successfully launch your natural and organic brand in China, you will need localized knowledge and insights to guide your marketing efforts.

Before getting started, learn about these three best practices that natural and organic brands should adopt when entering China.

1. Select the right platform for your e-shop

Depending on your brand, you should first determine the best platforms to launch your e-shop.

The most popular online stores in China are JD Worldwide and Tmall. While you can benefit from these sites’ organic traffic and sales support, they also have much higher investment costs and competition.

For a solution with a comparably lower cost, consider starting with a WeChat e-shop. With over one billion active users today, WeChat is the largest standalone messaging app in the world. The low investment cost to set up and start driving qualified traffic and conversions to your WeChat store makes it an effective tool for most organic brands.

OrgHive can assist you in launching your WeChat e-shop with end-to-end services that include everything from product uploading, order management, mini programs, cross-border payments, shipping logistics, and English backend support. We can also support you in launching your shop on other platforms. Click here to learn more about OrgHive’s services.

2. Create a high-quality microsite on OrgHive

Want to have your own online home in China? Create a high-quality microsite within the OrgHive platform. With a microsite, you can introduce your brand to OrgHive’s largest community of organic consumers in China. Users can discover your brand without ever leaving the platform!

Simply translating your existing website to Chinese will not be enough to survive the unique China market. Click here to discover how OrgHive’s Chinese content creation team can help you engage your audience with locally relevant content for your microsite.

3. Conduct market research for your China marketing strategy

Before selling your organic products, conduct market research to understand your customers and determine your unique selling proposition (USP). From this data, you can identify:

  • How your organic products solve your customer’s problem
  • Who your target audience is (consider age, gender, annual income) and the market size
  • How your products fill a gap in the organic market
  • How your organic products differentiate from your competitors
  • What features make your organic products more attractive

Instead of relying on your existing strategies that currently work outside of China, use these valuable insights to inform and guide your targeted marketing strategy in China.

Following these three tips will help you prepare your natural and organic brand to launch in China successfully. Have any questions? Get in touch to learn more from our OrgHive team. To find out about developing your social media strategy, read our next blog post.

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