How OrgHive Started

OrgHive began in 2020 when its founders wanted to offer Chinese consumers access to natural and organic products from around the world with verified authenticity.

Our Mission

Our mission to help organic brands gain access to customers in China through impactful marketing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be China’s leading platform of organic brands that empower Chinese consumers to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Growth

As a young company, OrgHive has seen tremendous growth. Since being founded in 2020, OrgHive has partnered with leading natural and organic brands worldwide and is now China’s largest community of organic consumers.

MARCH 2020

OrgHive is founded

As passionate advocates of organic brands that support healthy living, our founders observed that China’s expanding middle class has a growing interest in wellness and is increasingly willing to pay a premium for organic products, especially post-COVID-19 with the increased concern for health. Wanting to share access to the brands they loved, our founders leveraged their expertise in China to create a curated platform to help organic brands reach this targeted audience.

APRIL 2020

OrgHive launches blockchain-powered organic labels

Through focus groups, our founders learned that many consumers doubt the authenticity of organic brands sold domestically due to the issue of counterfeit goods in China. To address this problem, they leveraged blockchain technology to create organic labels. OrgHive’s labels enable users to scan and verify over 2 billion organic certifications issued by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA).


First 10 brands join OrgHive

Natural and Organic brands joining the platform included Avalon Organics, D-Lab Nutricosmetics, Grown Alchemist, Natulique, and Viva Naturals.


Over 3.8M users visited OrgHive

OrgHive reached 3.8M users who produced a library of authentic user-generated reviews.

MAY 2021

OrgHive continues to grow

Today, OrgHive continues to grow its platform. We have set aggressive targets to expand our brand partnerships and user base.

OrgHive’s extensive and targeted user base empowers brands in China

With OrgHive, natural and organic brands can be exactly where their targeted customers are

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Users onboarded

OrgHive is China’s largest community of organic and natural consumers


Average microsite clickthrough rate per product category

Through AI matching, OrgHive drives a high volume of traffic to each brand’s microsite for maximum reach


Brands onboarded

OrgHive offers customers access to top organic brands from around the world


Increase in Tmall GMV

OrgHive accelerates conversions on Tmall

An unrivaled social platform to reach your target customers

OrgHive is a unique social and content platform that helps natural and organic brands verify their product authenticity with consumers, share content, and interact with their targeted audience.
To address consumers distrust about the authenticity of products sold domestically due to the issue of counterfeiting in China, OrgHive’s product authenticity scanning app helps build confidence about your brand. Users can scan a QR code to verify your products’ authenticity, learn about their origins, and click through to your e-commerce site. When you win their trust, you win their wallet.
OrgHive also helps you stop guessing who your consumers are. Unlike other platforms, we are transparent about consumer insights. We tell you exactly what consumer are saying about your products, who is searching for your brand, and how many users are visiting your microsite.

OrgHive helped us launch a hugely successful digital-first subscription business in China, which included the ERP, CRM, WeChat shop and marketing, and loyalty program. Our launch campaign generated 1.2 billion views on social media and achieved 3.8x the ROI within four months.

Client from one of the largest organic dairy and ice cream brands in Europe

Powered by top talent

Led by an expert team passionate about organic products and natural health, OrgHive empowers consumers in China with access to high-quality, healthy, and organic-certified products from abroad. Backed by IMS Digital Ventures, a venture capital firm with an investment portfolio valued over US$250 million, and Integrated Management Systems (IMS), Asia’s leading digital transformation and marketing agency, OrgHive brings top talent across technology, marketing, and organic health into China’s natural and organic space.

Our Features

  • A specialized data analytics dashboard for your brand
  • AI matching for targeted marketing
  • A Blockchain-powered scanning app that customers use to verify product authenticity
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Our Services

  • Brand campaigns and translation services
  • Social media account setup, development, and advisory
  • Organic certification
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