Grow Your Presence in China with OrgHive

Strategy Development and Execution

Refine Your Brand Strategy

We equip you with a data-driven brand strategy leveraged by advanced social listening insights that will act as your guide and enable you to deliver marketing messages tailored towards the taste of Chinese consumers.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

We assist you in developing and implementing in-language campaigns to enhance your brand awareness. Our digital consultants and China experts will devise key strategies surrounding content and paid media to ensure you maximize ROI on each platform your brand is on.

Building Your Loyalty Program

Based on your goals, we will help you deepen engagement with your fan base with a comprehensive loyalty program.

Continuous Growth

Continuous Content Creation

We work with you to develop and build upon your existing customer engagement plan with regular posts across the China-focused social media platforms.

Advanced Social Listening Analysis

As deep understanding into the nuances of Chinese customers is imperative for building and optimizing a winning strategy, we build social listening models around key themes. These detailed content buckets are mapped with consumer sentiments, helping you to refine your persona profiles.

Leverage Data Insights

We collect data in real-time, which we use to generate actionable insights to profile and target your customers effectively for your next campaign

Our Features

  • A specialized data analytics dashboard for your brand
  • AI matching for targeted marketing
  • A Blockchain-powered scanning app that customers use to verify product authenticity
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Launch in China

  • Set up your online point of sale
  • Arrange your shipping logistics
  • Launch your key social media accounts and execute brand campaigns
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