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Getting Started

What Is OrgHive?

OrgHive is a social and content platform that allows consumers to scan products to verify organic authenticity and exchange ideas within the like-minded community. 

Who Can Use OrgHive?

OrgHive is an online community of consumers and brands, all interested in the topic of organic!  

  • As a brand, you can have your own microsite on the OrgHive platform, feature your products in our directories and catalogue, upload interesting content onto our CMS platform for consumers, showcase your e-commerce channels to a captive audience, broadcast updates to your brand followers, and more.  
  • As a consumer, you can find out why organic is the right choice for you, access a wealth of information on organic products and sources, verify brands’ organic certification and be able to trust in them thanks to transparent and secure Blockchain verification, and interact with fellow consumers in a fun and social environment. 
How about if brands do not have any online/offline/cross border sales channels yet in China?

Your brand does not necessarily need an e-commerce store as your branded microsite can also lead directly to your social media accounts for brand exposure.  
Although OrgHive mainly targets brands that have existing e-commerce or offline channels available to Chinese consumers, we can provide more accessible advertising packages to smaller, domestic brands. Contact us at to find out the best customised package for your brand.   

How Do I Sign Up And Apply?

For brands, join our platform here.

What Are The Requirements To Sign Up?

Please send us your business website, contact person, contact & phone number – you can drop us a note here.

How Long Will It Take For My Brand To Be Fully Onboarded?

The process is simple, and we will guide you through it – in fact, we can start your first step towards being on the platform right now

Contact us at to kick start your access to the most dynamic organic consumers in the world.

How Does OrgHive Verify Organic Certification?

Our blockchain technology will show you the history of certification a brand and its products have acquired. This technology ensures that information is transparent and unchangeable once it is uploaded onto the public blockchain ledger, and therefore instils trust in consumers.  

Does OrgHive also allow EU/USA/Australian organic products (as well as other countries apart from Chinese certification) to onboard the platform?

Yes. OrgHive is available for any organic brands and products with recognised organic certification(China, EU, US, Australia, etc.) that are available to Chinese consumers through cross-border or domestic channels. 

Does OrgHive provide services to assist EU/USA/Australian organic brands to obtain Chinese organic certification?

Although we have partners working at OrgHive who have extensive experience in the organic certification process in China, we do not currently offer additional consulting services for obtaining the Chinese organic certification. 

How Can I Cancel My Subscription Or Delete My Account?

We want to make sure that you are loving your subscription, so if you find that OrgHive isn’t what you’re looking for, please contact us 

How Can I Upgrade Or Extend My Package?

Not a problem! You can send us an email or give us a quick chat below and we will help process your upgrade requests.  

Plans & Pricing

How Do I Subscribe?

OrgHive offers a range of plans to cater for your brands’ needs. We offer: 

  • Bee Package 
  • Honeycomb Package 
  • Hive Package 

You can find one that is best suited for your brand and find more details related to pricing and features of each membership plan here. To subscribe, contact us at  

Are There Any Other Subscription Options?

Yes, we can tailor a specific membership plan for your brand based on your marketing needs and objectives. Contact us at for a personalised plan. 

Is There A Free Trial Available And If So, How Does It Work?

Free trials are currently not offered. To start your new membership, simply go to, schedule a demo with us and contact us at and start reaching your organic consumers. Once you’ve started your membership with OrgHive, you can cancel anytime. 

How Does Billing Work?

Refer to our Terms and Conditions policy for more details regarding billing.  

Analytics & Reports

What Are OrgHive’s Reporting Capabilities And How Do I Know If My Products Are Getting Enough Exposure?

Depending on the package you have selected for your brand, you will receive a monthly insights report on purchasing behaviours, consumer preferences and trends of OrgHive platform users. 

How Do I Measure Success On The Platform?

KPIs such as increased brand awareness by reach of consumers, conversions to click-throughs to e-commerce sites and more reporting metrics are available on our platform.  

What Benefits Will OrgHive’s AI Functionality Bring To My Brand?

Our clever AI-powered algorithm automatically identifies who your ideal audience is and ensures they see your content. OrgHive’s AI algorithm will maximise your brand’s exposure to relevant audiences via personalised marketing campaigns, your brand micro-site, featured articles and more. 

How Do I See How Many Users Have Read The Content My Brand Has Posted On The Platform?

There will be KPI metrics available on our platform to show impressions and reach to consumers for all your brand’s content posts.