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Leverage OrgHive to engage consumers at different stages of their consumer journey. Reaching and converting your ideal customer has never been easier

Blockchain-powered product authentication

OrgHive helps you reassure consumers on product origin, overcoming distrust of certification and counterfeit products. Users can search product names online or scan items directly in-store to verify organic certification and provenance. By featuring on the platform, you will associate your brand with China’s leading authority in the organic, wellness, and natural space; helping to reinforce your brand’s reputation and trust worthiness and ultimately leading to an increase in sales.

An integrated ecosystem of social media, desktop, and mobile app

OrgHive harnesses the power of China’s online infrastructure: leveraging the network effect of social media to drive audiences to the mobile app. By becoming a member, your brand and products will feature across articles, social media channels, the OrgHive mobile app, and official website. Through different content formats, you will be able to engage and nurture relevant target consumers at each stage of their lifecycle.

OrgHive combines content and social features for a unique experience

Rich social features transform the platform from a resource to a thriving community. Users can create profiles, follow other users, share product reviews, and post articles. Users can also follow brands to receive updates and messages. A fun loyalty programme, supported by member brands, also encourages users to progress through the membership tiers thanks to gamifications and a rewards scheme.

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