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China's natural and organic consumers

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Interact directly with your consumers

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Consumers use OrgHive to verify organic credentials


OrgHive is a unique social and content platform where users can verify product authenticity, share content, and interact with individuals & brands

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We’re building China’s largest online community of natural and organic consumers, and solving your marketing pain points in the process.

Overcome consumer distrust
of product origin

A simple scan of the product’s unique code helps consumers verify origin. Users can then directly explore your products and click through to your e-commerce points. You win their trust, you win their wallet.

Stop guessing

who your consumer is:

we’ll give you the complete picture

Unlike other platforms, we’re transparent about consumer insights. We’ll tell you exactly what consumer are saying about your products, who is searching for your brand, and how many users are visiting your microsite.

Say goodbye to hit-and-miss campaign strategies

Our clever AI-powered algorithm automatically identifies who your ideal audience is and makes sure they see your content. Increase exposure to relevant audiences thanks to accurate content matching, a brand microsite, featured articles, & more.

Reach and convert audiences among China’s online community of natural and organic consumers